Asset Recovery

Every organisation has assets which they either no longer use, under utilise or are non-productive. These are costly and do not produce revenue for their company. Therefore, they are often seen as a problem, and in turn organisation heads are too busy and focused to think of their problems as potential assets.

The realisation of assets is all too difficult in tough commercial times. Cawarden specialises in these services, which help companies to understand the value of their under-utilised assets and enables clients to release valuable cash to aid the reconstruction of any organisation.

Cawarden provide maximum revenue return to the client, through resale of plant and equipment no longer required. We can offer a full approach for asset recovery from initial site inspection. This is the most cost effective way to remove the asset. For example, we will dismantle and then sell the item through our network of plant and equipment dealers throughout the UK and worldwide.

Some of our previous projects include:
  • Redundant Landfill site to valuable Land Restoration Project
  • Ash Contaminated stockpiles to valuable Building Products
  • Hazardous Chemical Plant to Clean Site
  • Non-productive Agricultural Land to productive Farm Land
  • Redundant Plant and Machinery to modern fleet
  • Removal of Redundant Coal Material
  • 250,000 Reclaimed Bricks from a redundant foundry
  • Coal Washing from the Remediation of a former Colliery
  • The Dismantling of Quarry and Concrete Manufacturing Plant from 7 Tarmac Sites
Asset recovery in Derby Site asset recovery in Nottingham Building site asset recovery in Sheffield

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